Chef Dallan Introduction

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D Empire Cuisine @ Pavilion KL

Chef Dallan ’s History – Portfolio Introduction

An iron-cad and strong man is humble from beginning. He has strong determination to overcome all the trials and tribulations in his entrepreneurial journey to succeed his career. His self-reliance and diligence prove that he has established his reputation as a top chef in Malaysia.

Dallan has more than 15 years of oversea experiences with fine dining background for hotel and restaurant. His strength is European cuisine.
He is nurtured and instilled with much experience in fine dining background.
Finally, he decides to return back to Malaysia with full of passion, satisfaction and virtuous cuisine cooked using pure ingredients with precise techniques.

He loves food, as food is God. However, he finds that he should provide more cultural engagements to our local community. As a successful food entrepreneur, he must fulfill these 5 criteria with 5 Hs – Health, Honest, Humble, Hardworking & Hygiene.

Health – Always eat healthily
Honest – Provide quality of food, delicacy and beverages
Humble – We must stay humble and keep improving our quality of food, delicacy and beverages
Hardworking – Personally and carefully select all the materials and ingredients to make sure their freshness and nutrients daily
Hygiene – Because of eating food healthily, we make sure all our equipments, tools or processes are in hygiene situation.

After years of preparation, finally Chef Dallan has started his first restaurant humbly in Month Kiara since year 2007. He always appreciates and feels really grateful to all his supporting clients.

Finally, D Empire has been operated and established in Malaysia successfully. It is located in famous city landmark – Pavillion KL. With this, we uphold our mottos to provide the best food quality and cooking service to satisfy everyone’s needs. Let us work together to tell the world that we, Malaysians can rock and shake this world!!!

Our mottos are:
Always concern about quality, not quantity…
5 stars quality, 3 stars pricing
Your greatest satisfaction is our pleasure

For reservations, please contact us at +603 21106196 or email us at
i. instagram@dempirepavilion
f. fb@dempirepavilion